How To Make Your Own Practice Putting Green

A practice putting green is the ideal option to your usual golf course. The truth is, it can even be considered as your own personal golf course. The best thing is you can actually develop your own putting green in your garden. Listed below are the steps on building your garden putting green.

Before you set about building, you need to prepare a bobcat and some hand digging gear. Other equipment like plastic pipes, probe, sod, planers, seeds and irrigation tubes are necessary too.

Step 1 – Try and assess areas on your backyard, especially on that area in which you need to create the practice putting green. It’s always best to find the highest point on your lawn and note that that the putting area should be free from bushes and other plants. Also, avoid those locations where lots of people would frequently pass by.

Step two – When you have uncovered the spot for your green, the following point to complete is to begin excavating a hole. Free the spot from any lumps, poor soil, shrubs and stones with the use of a bobcat or spade. This step is usually a bit overwhelming, but this is actually essential. You can not make a great practice putting green if the area is not cleaned. The bushes, stones and all that debris can be a hurdle when you do your golf swing or shot.

Step 3 – You ought to purchase some soil samples as soon as you have decided to build a putting green. So the next phase is to place the dirt that you have purchased. They must be put layer after layer. Occasionally, folks will start with lying down an inch layer of the fresh soil to be able to get a better drainage. Afterwards, lay the top soil by ensuring that there isn’t a single spot of dirt in it.

Step 4 – Keep in mind that the grass would need water in order to grow. As a result, you ought to have the best watering system on the section that you plan to set up your practice putting green. This is accomplished by connecting the irrigation tubes in your place into the green or putting in a totally new system.

It is a good option to approach the specialists if you aren’t absolutely certain of what should be completed. But if you sense you are sure of what exactly you’re going to accomplish, then start with the process. Moreover, the grass on the green would need a lot of care and attention, and so, it is important that you water the lawn on the putting green often.

Step 5 -The chemical treatment that you will need for the turf of the putting green is very different from that for regular grass. The green grass would call for maximum care. Furthermore, the mower to use for the practice green is totally different from the lawn mower which you use on a normal yard. In this regard, speak to a greens keeper because they can help you in correctly taking care of the putting green.